Custom Plush Cats

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Custom Plush stuffed Cats, Lions, Tigers, and other Felines


Custom plush lions, custom plush tigers, Black cats, Siamese cats, Persian cats, Ichabod, Jaguars, Leopards, Cougars, Wildcats, name it, we've probably made it. We have made custom plush stuffed cats, lions, tigers and other felines for authors, schools, companies, sporting teams and souvenir stores. We can design and create your custom plush stuffed cats, lions or tigers exactly as you want them! Your custom plush tiger or stuffed lion can be as small as a 3" key chains, or as large as you want it to be!

Custom Plush Cats, Tigers, Lions, Wildcats and felines are great for...

Our customers use their custom plush felines for a variety of reasons. Companies use their custom plush tigers and lions to promote their business at tradeshow giveaways, and souvenirs for corporate events. Schools use their custom plush wildcats and bobcats for fundraising, retail sales, and giveaway items on game day. Individuals use their custom plush cougars and leopards for party favors. Authors use their custom plush Jaguars and Siamese cats to bring their characters to life! And entrepreneurs use their custom plush cats and other felines their novel business concepts, and to help build their brand equity.


Designing and quoting your custom plush cats, tigers, lions, wildcats and other felines...

We can design your custom plush cats, lions, tigers or any type of feline to look and feel anyway you like! If you know how you want your custom plush cat to look and feel, we can quote your custom plush cat based on your photos, drawings and specs. Alternatively, we can work within your budget, and advise you on the different ways we can design your custom plush tiger, or lion, or cat's body design, size, materials, and details to meet your budget.


Other custom plush cats, tigers, lions, wildcats and other felines...

Our custom plush cats, tigers, lions and other felines have a minimum of 600 pieces per character. Our normal production time for design/production/delivery is about 3 to 4 months. There is an initial $250 prototype fee to get started, but you do get this $250 credited back towards your purchase once you approve your prototype.



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